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Property Market in next 5 years in Singapore

Based on Data mining (one of our business) predications, Singapore economy will be very bad as there are too many bad indicators.

Anoop, my partner and data mining expert, says that
within next 4 years, 60% of CBD will be vacant.

This really scare the shit out of me.  What does this mean to you as a property professional?  Your income will be greatly affected.

What can you do to be prepared for this bad times?  We are seeing this already happening when property professional has to become Uber, Grab and taxi drivers to make ends meet.  Finding another job will not be that easy in current situations.

Ten of thousands of estate agents will drop out of the industry.

So what can you do?

Have a Plab B to supplement your income!


We have a great proposal that allows
you to
get good referral fees to help
your private properties owner clients to
get an additional 10 to 15% ROI
on their property investments.


This is a Win-Win situation.  You win because you get another source of income.  Your clients win because now besides the rental income (if the property is rented out), he gets 10 to 15% additional ROI.  Even for those who stay in their own property will also win as now they can generate income of 10 to 15% if they are on our platform.


Please note that this offer is for limited time only as once the quota
(15 agents) is full, we'd close this offer for good. 
Act now before it is too late.


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