Best in the Market Trainer

Jarrod Teo
Data Scientist
Data Mining for eCommerce and Business 


Ex-SPSS Trainer with 13 years of

experience in Statistics and Data Mining


Catalytics Logistic Tracker
Catalytics Logistic Tracker
Catalytics Hotel Management 
Catalytics Real Estate Management
Catalytics Customer Observer
Catalytics Restaurant Management   




q Bachelor of Science (Merit) in Statistics, Minor Mathematics in May, 2005

National University of Singapore


Professional organisation

q Member of the Singapore Institute of Statistics  (Jul 2008 to May 2013)

q Appointed Council Member of the Singapore Institute of Statistics  (June 2013 to Present)

q Member of the Chang Clan Association of Singapore (Youth Wing) (Aug 2014 to Dec 2015)

q Vice-Chairman of the Chang Clan Association of Singapore (Youth Wing) (Dec 2015 to Present)

q Member of the Singapore Chamber of Commerce & Industry (Jul 2018 to Present)


In terms of my skills

qProgramming commands for IBM SPSS Statistics up till SPSS macro.

qUsage of IBM SPSS Modeler for prediction modeling

qUsage of IBM SPSS Text Analytics for Survey for text mining.

qDecision Tree for profiling customers (C5, CHAID, QUEST and C&RT)

qCluster Analysis (2 step, Kohonen and K-Means)

qMarket Basket Analysis


qLinear Regression

qLogistic Regression

qMultinomial Logistic Regression

qStatistical Testing Methodologies

qMicrosoft Tools (Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Outlook)

qSQL (Beginner’s Level)

qPaxata (Beginner’s Level)

qTableau (Beginner’s Level)

qPython (Beginner’s Level) 


Catalytics Datum  Jul 2018 to Present

Data Science Director( Permanent Position )

qBusiness development for the company on areas of Data Science projects.

qActively seek out business opportunities in South East Asia.

qInteract with 4 different teams, Data Science, Data Engineering, App/Web Development and Social Media Listening to come up with business solutions for clients.

qClinch a deal with warehouse company to do a dashboard to measure inventory movement.

q Mapped out the following products for development:

oCatalytics Logistic Tracker

oCatalytics e-Commerce Observer

oCatalytics Hotel Management

oCatalytics Real Estate Management

oCatalytics Customer Observer

oCatalytics Restaurant Management

qInvited as a Data Scientist to speak at 4 events:

oClariden at Marina Bay Sands: Topic – Transforming Customer Targeting and Predicting Buying Behavior with diverse Machine Learning models

oChang Clan Association of Singapore: Topic - How AI can help you get more business with less marketing spend

oRE-TECH: Topic – Using machine learning to help property agents.

oParkway Pantai – Machine Learning Classes and Usages


Standard Chartered Bank  (Bank) Nov 2017 to Jul 2018

Associate Director (Data Scientist)( Permanent Position )

qCreated Codes in Paxata to generate an important report on my 3 rd week in the company

qInvolvement in various projects which involves data analysis which leads to coding done for data extraction, cleaning and analysis.

qLiaise with various countries head to make sure the data is up to quality.

qMake sure that current dashboards are working well and capturing Management Information reports well.

qLead discussions on the data quality to stakeholders to make sure the company has a direction on what to improve.


Cheil Singapore  (Creative Firm) Feb 2017 to Oct 2017

Data Scientist (Data Science Centre) ( Permanent Position )

qUnderstand and taught their Samsung’s Purchase Propensity Model to the Data Science team.

qWrote an SPSS macro to perform text mining on Google Analytics data for Samsung’s C Brand, J Brand and S8 project to understand what consumer needs.

qUsing SQL to understand and populate the data dictionary for Samsung Data.

q Built a TV prediction model which had a 65%-75% accuracy for identifying non-buyers and 75%-85% accuracy for buyers for 12 months of data.

q Liaise with Samsung Director to advise on which prediction model to use and which predictors to adjust. 

q Built "magic buttons" (SPSS Macro) and by a click of a button, 8 countries of analysis can be done within minutes. 


Nielsen  ( Research  firm) May 2015 to Feb 2017

Senior Analytics Manager (Advanced Analytics Team) ( Permanent Position )

qSent by company to sit in StarHub.

qBuild 9 prediction models for cross-selling.

qBuild 5 prediction models to identify profiles of customers who have potential to spend more.

qCreated model can predict customers to be high potential customer

qTeach India team on SPSS Text Mining.

qDid URL and App Behavioral Analysis to cluster what the customer browse to know what to sell them.

qThe models were scored and showed at least 75% accuracy during testing phase  


Rakuten Asia PTE LTD  ( E-commerce  firm) May 2013  to Apr 2015  

Global Data Scientist Manager (Global Marketing Office)   ( Permanent Position )  


q Set up a non-Statistical environment in Rakuten by suggesting the right hardware, software for analysis and also gain access to data from Asia and Europe branches. 

q Clean up and prepare all data for analysis and modeling. 

q  Created prediction model which is Next Product to Purchase  and it help the company during Thailand protest period to predict the potential buyers and earn profit. 

q  Next Product to Purchase was used in Singapore as well to predict the potential buyers. 

q  In France, pinpoint the correct factors affecting the business through profiling. 

q  Created ERFM model for Singapore. This model measures the E ngagement, R ecent Purchase, F requent Purchase and M onetary value of purchase and segment the customers into high value and low value customers for marketing strategy deployment. 


NTUC Income Insurance Co-Operative Limited  ( Insurance firm) October 2011 to May 2013

Data Mining Analyst ( Permanent Position )

qDid a study on the profile of the customers visiting the branch services to  understand the important factors which makes a satisfied customer.

qPredict the next insurance products a customer will buy and provide leads to insurance agents.


Beacon Consulting PTE LTD  ( Market Research firm) July 2010 to August 2011

Senior Research Analyst ( Permanent Position )

qIn charge of managing major projects which include MOM Customer Satisfaction Survey 2010, HDB Key Performing Indicator 2010, Atlas Sound and Vision Employment Engagement Survey 2010, HDB Punggol Eco-town 2010.

qThe HDB Punggol Eco-town 2010 project was presented to HDB’s CEO and escalated to a steering committee involving various Ministries which in turn changes the Eco-town planning in Punggol.

q Appointed to do presentation to Mr Lee Hsien Loong for People’s Association analysis project.

qFound out the factors which make a satisfied customer for luxury brands in Singapore.

qMost of the clients come from Government and retail sector.


SPSS Singapore PTE LTD  ( SPSS software firm) August 2007 to July 2010

SPSS Training and Consulting Executive ( Permanent Position )

qCreated 2 new course s , Understanding SPSS Syntax in SPSS and Data Preparation through Advanced SPSS Syntax.

qTrained various sectors of professional, private, Government, health, retail, etc and resolve their business problems through customized training.


STATDEC PTE LTD  ( Statistics Consultancy for banks) August 2005 to June 2007

Business Analyst and SPSS Trainer ( Permanent Position )

qAppointed as the SPSS trainer of the company to do training for the clients.

qConducted seven sessions of SPSS training and one session of Statistics theory lesson in UOB Thailand.







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