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Social & Leisure Activities

Social gatherings such as fishing and golf will be organised for members for them to network with each others.

This one did not get away!

Golf Tee-0ff



CEO.Club Services for members

  1. CEO.Club Assistance Scheme to contact Singapore business and companies for ventures and buy-sell
    exploration. Nominal fees will be charged.
  2. PA to members when they are in town to bring them around to meet potential customers and partners. Nominal fees will be charged.
  3. Free access to CPAs and lawyers, where applicable for professional services (payable), if required.
  4. Setting up of companies in Singapore, if required.
  5. Acting as your local trade representatives
  6. Arranging of banking and money transfer (sorry,
    no laundering is allowed).
  7. Market research

Travelling Resources

Your very own on-line travel mart where you can book hotel, buy air tickets, check flight details, etc at best rates.

Special Seminars & Workshops

Special self improvement by qualified trainers will be organised for members. Training seminars on NLP, internet marketing, numerology for business, etc will be arranged.

 Useful Trade Links

Various online trade links useful for businesses will be shared with members.

Overseas Trade Mission

Periodically we will organise trade missions to

  1. Bring Singapore business persons to overseas
  2. Bring overseas business persons to Singapore

based on specific industries -- e.g. mission trip
to Iskandar, JB for food industries in Singapore.

Networking for Business

On-line Resources link to useful business web sites where you can source for materials, make sound investment decision, joint ventures with others, etc.


  1. Online Biz Presence
  2. Dreamapps ERP, CRM & MRP
  3. Singapore government grant resources
  4. Singapore information sites for businesses
  5. Success series for
      Wills & Estate Planning



Regular newsletter on various management and marketing related hot topics. If you yearn to write and want byline accredited to you, you can contribute your "expert" advices to this newsletter.



Membership Benefits

Membership include the following:

  1. Social Events
  2. Golf games and tournaments
  3. Investment and Finance Seminars
  4. Business Talks by professionals
  5. Investment Opportunities local and overseas
  6. Local CEO.Club chapters



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