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CEO.Club is brought to you by Bema Seat Managment Services, a corporate consultant firm that specialises in helping companies to go on-line and structuring management information system.

Services provided by the company include:

  1. Management Consultation
  2. Corporate Finance
  3. Corporate Training
  4. Project Funding
  5. On-line Promotion and Advertisement
  6. Government grants
  7. Business Succession Plan
  8. Estate Planning and Will Writing
  9. Business Expansion and Training

We have more than 20 years of experiences as corporate consultants to various companies. We are associated with various professions such as lawyers, CPAs, IT consultants, etc which our clients can tap on.

History of CEO.Club 

CEO.Club although is established in 2009 out of desperation for a centralised place for business people to network. As globalisation make the world smaller, we need to have a vehicle for communication and keep in touch. It is from our experiences acting as trade representatives for various overseas principals that resulted in the development of CEO.CLub web site.

Our Core Mission

The CEO.Club is formed to facilitate networking for business. Business relationship can be struck during socialisation. CEO.Club acts as a conduit for top management to socialise and do business with each other.

It amazed me when I was working as a young audit assistant in a public accountant firm many years ago, why certain staff partners played golf almost everyday when "technical" partners had to slot and sweat.

It was only after many years later that I realised the staff partners were playing golf to network for business. They were the ones who bring in the businesses for the company.

Networking is a business game that must be played well. How a business fare depends on how well its top management play the business game.

Our mission is to act as a platform for CEOs to socialise amongst their peers for leisure and businesses.


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Mission Statement 

This Club exists to facilitate networking for business people for businesses and leisure. As a top honcho or CEO of a company, you would want to socialise amongst your peers. This club facilitates cross-countries socialising -- e.g. you are based in UK and want to get in touch with business people in Singapore for business. The Club can arrange and faciltate this request.


Membership Benefits

Membership include the following:

  1. Social Events 
  2. Golf games and tournaments 
  3. Investment and Finance Seminars 
  4. Business Talks by professionals 
  5. Investment Opportunities local and overseas 
  6. Local CEO.Club chapters 



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