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My partner, Mr Anoop, an expert in data mining,
predicted that within 4 years, 60% of CBD tenancy
will be vacant. To me this is scary. What does
this means to you as a private property owner?

Want to know what is Data mining?  Click Here


How it will affect you as a private property owner when this happens?

If you own commercial properties -- you may not be able to rent out the premises. Even if you managed to rent out, you may not get the rent you want. 

If you own private properties as investment -- you may not be able to rent out the premises due to lack of foreigners working in Singapore as more and more foreign companies pull out from Singapore.

The value of properties are coming down. This means that your total networth will be reduced. This may affect your mortgage loans from banks if the property price falls too drastically. Banks may ask you to top up or increase your monthly instalments. And if you are forced to sell during the down time, the money you received from the proceeds will be very little after lessing the mortgage loans, etc. You may incur losses.

What can you do?

Protect yourself with a Plan B.

How would you like to increase the ROI on your properties by 10 to 15% annually?  If you can do that your financial burden will be drastically reduced or eliminated as it will cushion you against any financial mishaps.  This ROI is made on top of whatever rental you gets from your property.

Whether you are renting out or staying in the private property, you still can use our platform to make 10 to 15% ROI per year.

We can structure a Plan B specifically for you. 

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