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Financial Planning for SMEs


Business Succession and Continuity Plan

If you own a business, most likely you have spent much money, effort and time to build it up.  What happen to the business if you:

  • become sick and invalid?
  • passed on?
  • retired?

Can your business continue to function?  Who is going to run it?  Worst still, if you have act as guarantor for bank loans, your estate assets will be garnished by the creditor banks!

You need to plan your exit from your business way ahead. 

This is a chargeable service.

Retirement Planning for the Boss

After you have worked so hard, when you retire, what'd you get from your company?  Does your company continues to pay you?  Do you have a golden handshake as a gratuity when you retire?  Have you plan for it?

You can use alternate investment to plan for your retirement.

We have 2 platforms for you which you can pass on to your family and children.
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