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We can facilitate finance for your company:

  • SME Micro Loan $100,000 (Click Here for Criteria)
  • SME Working Capital Loan $300,000 (Click here for Criteria)
  • Bank Term Loan
  • Trade Finance
  • Property Mortgage Loan
  • Factoring
  • Hire Purchase
  • Project Funding
  • Government Grants
  • DPLC, SBLC and BG for major projects


Financial Planning for SMEs

For SME Bosses


For SMEs

  • Corporate Training & Upgrade
  • Employee Benefits


Note: ** chargeable professional services



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"Lawrence is not only a good friend but also a good mentor.  My business has benefited greatly from his advices. He can think out of the box to provide solutions to financial problems."

- Joe Tan, Singapore

"Thanks to Lawrence's advises, we are able to get a bank loan for $250,000."

- Mdm Anna Yeo, Singapore 


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