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Cash Flow Planning


Reduction of Cost of Doing Business

One of the way. to stay profitable is to reduce the cost of doing business.

Many SMEs have the wrong idea that to reduce costs means to cut down staff, reduce expenses to tighten the belts. Unfortunately if done wrongly, it has big repercussion for the companies as it can stifle the competiness of the company and the morale of the staff.

We have better ways to reduce costs.

Get free customers for your business with our various platforms.

Singapore Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SCCI)

Join as free Merchant Member

Give discount to SCCI 4000 odd members

Roadshow of products with SCCI

Merchant can organise buffet lunch in SCCI for sales



Attract 1,500,000 telco users to your shop / websiteThis is

This is a disruptive technology, a JV by a large telco company, a government innovative hub and a large IT MNC.

Currently it is under prelaunch. Get it before it is too late. Once we reach 500 merchants, this special offer will be withdrawn.

Click here to download our brochure.

Learn more by clicking here.  We can discuss your needs in a meet up.

The mission of this JV is to help SMEs to compete with bigger boys such as Amazon and Alibaba who have come to Singapore.






Reduce your electricity cost


Singapore government is liberalising the electricity market by opening to other retailers besides Singapore Power.

Instead of paying at 20 cents per kWh, your company can now change retailer and get 14.2 cents per kWh. If your company is paying thousands of dollars for electricity per month, this can means great saving to reuce your cost of doing business.

Please note that to qualify, your company must be:

  1. Singapore registered company or business
  2. Average monthly usage must be 2000 or more kWh

If you think your company qualifies, please contact us.







Cash Flow Management


This is a very wide topic which covers accounting, staffing and business model.

For cash flow purposes, classification of assets and liabilities can be very different.


Land if not utilised for business is not an asset but a liability because it incurs costs.

Vacant buildings are also liabilities not assets as costs are incurred with no income generated.

We do offer cash flow management consultation on fees based.

Please contact us if interested.


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