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If you run a business or plan to run one, you must be wary about the following typical statutory requiremens

Accounting and bookkeeping

Proper accounting and sets of books must be kept according to Company Act and Income Tax Act. Depending on the volume of transactions, you can do the following:

a. Do it yourself if you are trained in accounts.
b. Employ accounting staff.
c. Outsource

Many SMEs failed to keep proper accounts and get themselves into big trouble with IRAS and ACRA.  If you require part-time bookkeeper / accountant to handle your accounts, please email us as we have platform to use AI to do bookkeeping.  No need engage bookkeeper / accountant when AI can do it faster / cheaper and more accurately.


There are only two certainty in life -- tax and death. If your company is making money, you need to pay tax to IRAS. You may need to consult a tax agent to help you file the tax returns.  You can email us if you have such needs.

Annual Return (AR) and XBRL

All private limited (exempted and non exempted) must file AR within the stipulated period (normally within 6 months after year end must hold AGM and within 14 days from AGM date must file AR). Failure to comply with this requirement will resulted in penalty from ACRA. If the company continues to fail to file the AR for long time, court summon will be issued to the directors. 


If you face concerns about accounting, bookkeeping, tax and ACRA matters, you can get a free consultation from us (with no obligation). We have CPAs and lawyers to back us up as and when required.







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